• ​patiently explain any math topic in a way that the student can understand
  • build or maintain a solid foundation as well as increase confidence
  • facilitate homework, saving time and reducing math frustration


"Thank you! (My daughter) looked at what you did and she understands how you got the answer."

​     -- Advanced Algebra, New Trier High School (9-9-17)   

"(My daughter) did a practice ACT on Saturday and went up 5 points on math!!!"

     -- Parent of junior, Deerfield High School (9-6-17)

​"... I am happy to report that (my daughter) got a 94 on her last test."

     -- Parent of 8th grader, advanced geometry (10-6-17)

​"....  (My daughter) got an A in math for the first time ever!!!  So, thank you for everything you have done for her!"

     -- 8th grade, pre-algebra, Glencoe (1-20-18)

​"... (My son) got his grade up to an A- in the 3 week grading period. So very happy!"

     -- Parent of senior, pre-calculus (5-11-18)

"... (My daughter) ended up with an A- for the semester!!! She  got a B+ on the final. Thank you for helping her achieve that A.

​     Have a great trip this summer, and see you again soon!"

​      -- Parent of freshman, geometry, HIghland Park (6-7-18)

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