2016-2017 Triumphs


"(My daughter) said you did an awesome job with negative numbers and absolute value. She got 100%, and even got extra credit for finding a mistake on the test!"
    -- Parent of 7th grader, Highland Park, IL (9-20-16)

"Hey, (my daughter) got 46-46 on her math test!!  Woohoo!  Thanx so much for your help!
    -- Parent of senior, Calculus,  Highland Park High School (9-22-16)

​"(My daughter's) last test (after working with you) was the best by far. 90%. Thanks for your help!"
    -- Pre-Calculus, New Trier High School (11-21-16)​

​"Just wanted to touch base and thank you again for making yourself available on short notice when we needed help. You really helped (our son) with his confidence in math. 
​    -- Parent of 7th grader, Deerfield, IL (5-21-17)

"Hi Lance. (My son) got a 97 on the final. So, A for the semester. Thank you so much for helping. He said going over the material really helped him."
    -- Junior, Pre-Calculus Honors, Northbrook, IL (6-1-17)

​​"I thought you'd be proud of (my daughter). Attached is her final exam grade and comment from the teacher -- "93% Great work!" Thanks for all your help! We will definitely be in touch in August to talk about gometry next year. Have a great summer!"
    -- Parent of 9th grader, Algebra, New Trier High School (6-3-17)


29029 Challenge​ - Stratton, Vermont (2017)