"Hi Lance. Thanks for your email. (My son) got an 87% on his latest test (Improvement!) and he said everyone found it very challenging... Thanks!"
    -- Parent of senior, AP Calculus, New Trier High School (9-25-15)

"Hi Lance! Great news -- (my daughter) got an A on her test! She felt good after, and her instinct was correct. Thanks for your help, and I am happy that she can finally see that her hard work is paying off!"
    -- Parent of freshman, Geometry Honors,  Deerfield High School (10-30-15)

"I just took the quiz and it was pretty easy....  I think the review helped a lot!"
    -- Senior, AP Calculus, New Trier High School (11-21-15)​

"I wanted to share with you that (my son) told me that he is finishing work more quickly at school because you gave him confidence in math. After only two meetings!!  Thank you for that."
    -- Parent of 6th grader, Pre-Algebra, Deerfield, IL (11-23-15)

"(My daughter) got an A on the test. Love seeing the improvement. Thanks!"
    -- Parent of 8th grader, Algebra, Deerfield, IL (12-8-15)

"Thank you so much. That means a lot hearing it from you! (My son) says you have been an amazing help to him before his tests and quizzes. We really appreciate everything."
    -- Parent of sophomore, Algebra 2/Trig, Deerfield (12-14-15)

"Thanks for following up.. I got a 96 on the quiz. ... I will email you if I have any questions. Thanks.
    -- Junior, Pre-Calculus Honors, Highland Park High School (3-11-16)

​​"Good morning. (my daughter) got a B+ on her final. She is ecstatic!"
    -- Parent of 9th grader, Geometry Honors, Evanston High School (6-3-16)

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