2014-2015 Success


​"... I just wanted to let you know I got my ACT scores back a few days ago, and I did very well. My composite score was a 34, and my math sub-score increased to 33! Thank you so much for helping me prepare, I really appreciate it..."
     -- Junior, Evanston High School (4-13-15)

"It was so nice meeting you. [My daughter] really enjoyed working with you. Thank you for your tips and online suggestions as well."
     -- Parent of 8th grader, Pre-Algebra, Glencoe (11-6-14)

​"[My daughter] got 51/51 on her test Friday. Class median - 45. Thanks!"
     -- Parent of 8th grader, Algebra, Deerfield (10-6-14)

"Hi Lance! I got 92/100 on my math final! Thanks for all the help! 
     -- Sophomore, Geometry, Highland Park High School (1-26-15)

"We are so pleased that you and [my daughter] work so well together, and as a parent, I really appreciate the kind words about her."
     -- Parent of 11th grader, Pre-Calculus, Wilmette, New Trier High School (12-14-14)

"I just want to thank you again for all your hard work and extra materials you sent over the past couple of months. It really helped [my daughter]
 with understanding the material and confidence in a class like this. I will continue to hand out your name whenever I can. 
     -- Parent of 11th grader, AP Calculus (AB), North Shore Country Day School (5-9-14)

"Just heard from [my son's] teacher. He got 80/83 on his (final) exam! Thanks Lance!"
     -- Parent of 11th grader, Pre-Calculus, Evanston (6-5-14)

"Hi Lance. Just emailing you to say that I got a 5 on my AP calc test!! I'm so excited about it. Thanks for all your help this past year!"
    -- 11th grader, AP Calculus, Highland Park (7-10-14)Type your paragraph here.