"....received an A in math. Enjoy the summer!"

​     -- 10th grader in Honors Pre-Calculus, Highland Park (7-18-12)

"Thanks so much for the great tutoring session, and the information and links....

[My son and daughter] really loved working with you.... they said you are a great teacher and really SMART!"

      -- parent of 8th and 10th graders (8-26-12)

"FYI, [my daugher] passed her placement entry exam at KU, so thanks for your help in getting her ready."

     -- parent of incoming college freshman (8-30-12)

"You have been very helpful. [My son] got an A on his test!"

      -- Parent of 8th grader, Deerfield, IL (10-21-12)

"Just heard from [my daughter's] math teacher. She said [my daughter] did better than most on the final. She said the extra

work with you really showed. Yay!!"

    -- Parent of 10th grader, Chicago Jewish High School (1-15-13)

"Thanks so much. [My daughter] was hesitant to have you come at first (she's self-conscious)... she found it helpful and

clearly recognizes the benefits."

    -- Parent of 7th grader in Highland Park, IL (10-17-12)

"'A' for the 3rd quarter! Thanks, C."

    -- 10th grader, Algebra 2/Trig, Highland Park High School (4-1-13)

"94.5 on the math final. THANKS FOR ALL YOUR HELP!!!! Have a great summer, and we'll see you in the fall.

    -- Parent of Pre-Calculus student, Highland Park, IL (6-5-13)

More excerpts from emails:

​"Hi Lance. Just an update on the AP tests: [my daughter] got a 5!!! Whooo Hoo! THANK YOU!"

    -- Parent of senior, AP Calculus, New Trier High School (7-5-12)

"First off, you rock! [My daughter] did great on her test last week and pulled her D grade up to a B-... Yeah!"

    -- Parent of senior, Calculus, Highland Park High School (5-22-12)

"[My son] got a 90 and was so happy!!  Thank you for all your help, notes, and links!"

    -- Parent of junior, Algebra II/Trig Honors, Highland Park (5-18-12)

"[My son] earned an A- on his test. I believe your sessions with him are definitely helping!"

    -- Parent of freshman, Advanced Algebra, Deerfield High School (1-24-12)

"Thanks so much. I got a 102.5 out of 105 on my test!!"

    -- Freshman, Algebra, Highland Park High School (4-20-12)

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