PAWS 5K run w/ Norway the Husky (Spring 2017)

‚ÄčExcerpts from Emails:

".... got a 33 composite score (on ACT math)..."

    -- 11th grader in Highland Park, IL (5-15-10)

"... We want to thank you for all your help... [My son] really benefited from your help."

    -- Parent of 8th grader in Deerfield (6-6-10)

"That was so nice of you to check up on them... [older daughter] ended up with a B...  And, [younger daughter] ended up with

an A in her class... Your help was great!!"

    -- Parent of siblings at Highland Park High School (1-15-08)

"Hi, I wanted to share with you that [my son] got his first 'A' of the year on a math test.

Thanks for helping him!"

    -- Parent of 10th grader at New Trier High School (11-17-10)

"Thank you so much! [My daughter] received word that she was finally moved up to advanced math!!"

    -- Parent of 7th grader, Wilmette, IL (1-20-11)

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